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La Chasse-galerie d’Henri Julien, 1906


I am a few minutes away from publishing a post on La Fontaine., but …

The events of the week kept away from you. A vein broke near my eyes. My eyes were filled with blood and one eye went from deep green to blue, but I’ve recovered. It didn’t hurt and I am recovering.

The Project: no Language Laws

I will first get in touch with Champlain-Lennoxville, the Advantage programme. Reforms are necessary, and French-speaking students have been enrolling in English-language Cégeps for several decades. It’s their English-language immersion finishing schools and there is no tuition fee. I must then talk to Justin Trudeau and François Legault. Attending a Cégep after grade eleven does not threaten a student’s knowledge of French.

The more difficult step is convincing French-speaking students to have anglophones as their classmates. A few changes are needed. As a university teacher of second-language acquisition, four years at McMaster University, and I wrote articles on the subject, I have the necessary background. I have also edited books on this subject.

Interestingly, people have realized that Internet Archives, Gutenberg, Wikisource have published a wealth of free books including audio texts. I have used these to write articles of every play Molière wrote. Henri van Laun is a scholar.

I am returning to the fables of La Fontaine, but I will be busy working on a better relationship between English-speaking and French-speaking Quebecers. There has to be trust that the French will not lose their language. The Battle of the Plains of Abraham took place a long time ago. We are now a free people, and our official languages are French and English.

The conversation begins. Cégeps are the starting point. French-speaking students themselves have used Cégeps. We keep this alive.

Wherever I phone, I hear: English will follow.

Here is an introduction to Lori Weber. She speaks four languages and is an author.


Love to all of you 💕

A Cégep is a publicly funded post-secondary programme in Quebec.

Honoré Beaugrand‘s La Chasse-galerie (FR) Office national du Film
Le Patriote d’Henri Julien, 1904

© Micheline Walker
26 Novembre 2022