A. J. Casson Group of Seven

A. J. Casson
Group of Seven


About Confederation, cont’d (6 October 2020)
About Canadian Confederation (15 September 2020)
ConfederationThree Conferences (27 May 2012)

From Coast to Coast: The Iron Horse, Part 2 (25 May 2012)
From Coast to Coast: The Iron Horse, Part 1 (24 May 2012)
From Coast to Coast: Louis Riel as a Father of Confederation (22 May 2012)
From Coast to Coast: the Fenian Raids (20 May 2012)
From Coast to Coast: the Oregon Country (18 May 2012)

Quebec Ensembles (29 January 2021)
Violoniste & Violoneux (27 October 2020)
Quebec Folklore: Celtic Roots (24 October 2020)
Blanche comme neige cont’d (30 August 2020)
Blanche comme neige (28 August 2020)
Old French Song : Le Navire de Bayonne  (8 August 2018)
Sir Ernest Macmillan: a Testimonial (9 January 2012)
La Corriveau: A Legend (1 April 2012)

La Henriade (10 September 2020)
New France: Huguenot Roots (7 September 2020)
The First French Settlement in the Americas (5 September 2020)
La Revanche des berceaux, or the Revenge of the Cradle (24 August 2020) 
About the Seigneurial System, cont’d (23 August 2020)
About the Seigneurial System (21 August 2020)
La Saint-Jean-Baptiste & Canada Day (6 July 2015)
Musing on Champlain & New France (9 May 2012)
Nouvelle-France’s Seigneurial System (28 April 2012)
The Aftermath cont’d: Aubert de Gaspé’s Anciens Canadiens (30 March 2012)
The Aftermath: Krieghoff’s Quintessential Quebec (29 March 2012)
Jacques Cartier, the Mariner (17 March 2012)
Pierre du Gua: a mostly Forgotten Founder of Canada (5 May 2012)
Richelieu & Nouvelle-France (1 March 2012)
Une Éminence grise: Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal-Duc de Richelieu et de Fonsac (29 February 2012)
ÉvangĂ©line & the Literary Homeland (cont’d) (24 January 2012)
Évangéline & the Literary Homeland (24 January 2012)


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  1. Great post.


  2. Very interesting material here. By the way, thanks for taking time away from your writing to visit my blog. Enjoyed having you as a guest.

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    • One thinks one knows enough about a subject, but looking for information to write a post is an awakening. I will be visiting again. There are days devoted to visiting. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. It was very pleasant.
      Thank you for your kind comments.
      Micheline 🙂

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  3. A lovely picture. Thanks for posting it. Thanks also for stopping by my blog.


  4. I found you. Thank you so much. I need perspective and I find it.


  5. I’m excited to have found a Canadian blogger who also shares my interest in art and magical realism. Do you ever review novels of that bent?


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