Fables and Fairy Tales

Thumbelina came to live with the Field-Mouse (Gutenberg [EBook 19993])

Thumbelina came to live with the Field-Mouse (Gutenberg [EBook #19993])

*   Amerindian
**  African-American

  1. The Golden Age of Illustration in Britain (30 October 2015)
  2. “…the humble pay the cost.” (29 September 2015)
  3. The Humming-bird and the Crane (14 August 2015) *
  4. The Brothers Grimm’s “Ashenputten” (Cinderella) (8 August 2015)
  5. “How the Bear lost its Tail,” a Cherokee Fable (4 August 2015) *
  6. Belling the Cat:” more Bells (30 July 2015)
  7. The Cat Metamorposed into a Maid, by Jean de La Fontaine (28 July 2013)
  8. Bluebeard Continued & Concluded (15 June 2013)
  9. Bluebeard: Type & Suspense (14 June 2013)
  10. DonkeySkin, a Tale Labelled “Unnatural Love” (23 May 2013)
  11. Another Type: The Tail-Fisher (29 April 2013)
  12. Further Musings on “Puss in Boots” (27 March 2013)
  13. Puss in Boots, revisited (24 March 2013)
  14. Uncle Remus and Tar-Baby (21 August 2012) **
  15. A Reading of Perrault’s “Cinderella” (10 February 2012)
  16. Beauty and the Beast (11 November 2011)
  17. Magical Cats: “Puss in Boots” (9 November 2011)
  18. The Golden Age of Illustration in Britain (30 October 2015)

Charles Perrault

Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve & Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont


Collections online

Æsop, Collections Online

  • Æsop’s Fables, George Fyler Townsend (transl.) (Gutenberg [EBook #21])
  • Æsop’s Fables, Harrison Weir (transl.), John Tenniel (illus.), Ernest Griset (illus.) and others (Gutenberg [EBook #18732])
  • Æsop’s Fables, V. S. Vernon Jones (transl.), G. K. Chesterton (intro), Arthur Rackham (illus.) (Gutenberg [EBook #11339])
  • The Baby’s Own Æsop, Walter Crane (illus.)

La Fontaine, Collections Online

1. Jean de La Fontaine Château-Thierry Net FR & EN (The Complete Fables of La Fontaine)
Jean de La Fontaine, toutes les fables illustées et annotées (la-fontaine-ch-thierry.net)
2. The Fables of La FontaineWalter Thornbury (transl.) and Gustave Doré (illus.), 1886, 
[EBook #50316]
3. A Hundred Fables of La FontainePercy J. Billinghurst
[EBook #25357]
4. The Fables of La Fontaine, Elizur WrightJ. W. M. Gibbs, 1882 [1841]
[EBook #7241]
5. Fables in Rhyme for Little Folks, From the French of La Fontaine, 1918 
W. T. (William Trowbridge) Larned (transl.), John Rae, illustrator
[EBook #24108]

(to be continued…)

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