Fables and Fairy Tales

Thumbelina came to live with the Field-Mouse (Gutenberg [EBook 19993])

Thumbelina came to live with the Field-Mouse (Gutenberg [EBook #19993])

*   Amerindian
**  African-American

Charles Perrault’s Fairy Tales (Gutenberg [EBook # 29021]) EN
Beauty and the Beast
Puss in Boots


Collections online

Æsop, Collections Online

  • Æsop’s Fables, George Fyler Townsend (tr) (Gutenberg [EBook #21])
  • Æsop’s Fables, Harrison Weir (tr), John Tenniel (ill), Ernest Griset (ill) and others (Gutenberg [EBook #18732])
  • Æsop’s Fables, V. S. Vernon Jones (tr), G. K. Chesterton (intro), Arthur Rackham (ill) (Gutenberg [EBook #11339])
  • The Baby’s Own Æsop, Walter Crane (ill) (Gutenberg [EBook #25433])

La Fontaine & Æsop: Internet Resources


(to be continued…)

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