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Lori Weber in Saint-Vallier, near Quebec City, as she leaves Quebec last week. Courtesy of Lori Weber.


Lori Weber is leaving Quebec because the Province needs serious repairs.

Dear Lori,

I am a French Canadian with mixed ancestry and considerable love for all good human beings. I want you to know that I oppose language laws and that I am not alone. Quebec made a mistake: decades of language laws without a strong mandate to enforce these. I pledge to work very hard for the repeal of language laws and I was thinking of using CEGEPS as my starting point.

Here in Sherbrooke, French-speaking Quebecers have turned Champlain-Lennoxville, the local English-language CEGEP, into an English-immersion program.

I know that you are very sad. Quebec has been your home for many years. No one wants to leave Montreal. It’s a jewel and it is vibrant.

It’s a promise. Language laws will be abolished by Québécois themselves. You know that it will work because you have been a teacher to Québécois.

Hang in there. The Language Laws will be abolished for many reasons. Québécois will not lose their language, unless they continue passing language laws.

Love to you,



Bill 21 is an act respecting the laicity of the state. One cannot wear/display signs of a religious affiliation in the workplace.
Bill 96 is an act respecting French as the official and common language of Quebec


Love to everyone 💕

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© Micheline Walker
25 November 2022