Fables by Jean de La Fontaine



The fables listed below are not necessarily an analysis of a fable by Jean de La Fontaine (1621 – 1695). Some are used to speak about current events.

I usually list or quote the Aesopic equivalent of a fable by La Fontaine. If so, I use the Perry Index classification, a number, of the corresponding Aesopian fable. There are many versions of Aesopic fables as they have been rewritten by several authors. Marie de France (12th century [Anglo-Norman]) and Jean de La Fontaine (17th century [French]) wrote Aesopian fables, but Jean de La Fontaine made Aesop’s fables La Fontaine’s Fables. If you are looking for versions of a fable, your best guide is Laura Gibbs’ Bestiaria Latina (mythfoklore.net/aesopica).

I have written posts on several fables and explained elements such as how mythological animals differ from mythical animals and have named the genres in which animals are featured. I am developing a theory of animals in literature. (See Anthropomorphism and Zoomorphism, currently under review.)


  • The Bear and the Garden Lover, “L’Ours et l’amateur des jardins”










  • The North Wind and the Sun, “Phébus et Borée” (1.VI.3) (16 April 2013)







Musée Jean de La Fontaine, Site officiel (toutes les fables FR/EN)
Perry Index (classification of Æsop’s Fables)
La Fontaine & Æsop: Internet Resources

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