Fables by Jean de La Fontaine


The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse by Milo Winter (Gutenberg [EBook #19994])

France has created a new Website for:

The French-language site is La Fontaine.
The English-language site is La Fontaine.

The fables listed below are not necessarily an analysis of a fable by Jean de La Fontaine (1621 – 1695). Some are used to speak about current events.

I usually list or quote the Æsopic equivalent of a fable by La Fontaine. If so, I use the Perry Index classification, a number, of the corresponding Æsopic fable. There are many versions of Æsopic fables as they have been rewritten by several authors. Marie de France (12th century [Anglo-Norman]), Walter of England (12th century [Anglo-Norman]), and Jean de La Fontaine (17th century [French]) wrote Æsopic fables, but Jean de La Fontaine made Æsop’s fables La Fontaine’s Fables. If you are looking for versions of a fable, your best guide is Laura Gibbs’ Bestiaria Latina (mythfoklore.net/aesopica).

I have written posts on several fables and explained elements such as how mythological animals differ from mythical animals and have named the genres in which animals are featured. (See Anthropomorphism and Zoomorphism.)










  • The North Wind and the Sun“Phébus et Borée” (VI.3) (16 April 2013)






Texts and Classification

Musée Jean de La Fontaine, Site officiel (toutes les fables FR/EN)
Perry Index (classification of Æsop’s Fables)
La Fontaine & Æsop: Internet Resources
Aarne-Thompson-Uther (classification of folk tales)

Translation of La Fontaine’s Fables

Translated by Walter Thornbury and illustrated by Gustave Doré (complete) Gutenberg’s [EBook #50316]

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    By chance, this site and I bumped into each other this morning. So beautiful.Thank you for the little forest of beauty and transcendence.


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