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A Winter Scene with Skaters near a Castle by Hendrick Avercamp (1608-9)
Photograph: Corbis
The Guardian. UK

Covid will not relent and too many are in denial. On Christmas day, the Montreal police force was making sure regulations were observed. There is a vaccine, but vaccinating everyone will take a long time and the very humble will be the last to be protected. Moreover, there are individuals who will refuse the vaccine. I hope the citizens of the United States will receive their stimulus cheques as soon as possible. This money buys food and keeps a roof over people’s head. No government has the right to neglect its citizens. People pay taxes in order to be safe. It’s the social contract. Besides, if there is money to launch rockets, there is money to keep everyone fed and housed. We must also prepare for other catastrophic events. Losing one’s income is tragic.

Love to everyone 💕

Winter Scene by Avercamp
Noël allemand d’André Gagnon
Winter Scene by Averkamp

© Micheline Walker
29 December 2020