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Marc-Aurèle Fortin

The figures I provided in my last post were misleading. I put the post aside.

In the sombre days of imperialism and colonialism, Prime Minister John A. Macdonald created “uniform” schools where English was the language of instruction. He minoritized French-speaking Canadians. As immigrants arrived in Canada, their children had to attend English-language schools. Children could not be educated in French outside Quebec. He made Quebec their only home.

Québécois would like to retain their language. They have done so since Nouvelle-France fell to Britain. But the obligatory francization of businesses is unacceptable. Quebec is trying to assimilate its anglophone population and drive it away from Quebec. No company should be asked to obtain a Certificate of Francization. Quebec is a province of Canada, and Canada is officially bilingual. Moreover, anglophones have the right to bilingual services in such areas as the Eastern Townships.

John A. Macdonald created uniform schools, and l’Office de la langue française is creating a uniform province.


Here is a list of English-language educational institutions in Quebec. Some of these institutions are private schools, but cégeps are not. I am also providing an entry for Champlain Regional College (click).

Look at the list of English-language educational institutions in Quebec. There are three English-language universities in Quebec: McGill University in Montreal, Concordia University in Montreal and Bishop’s University in Lennoxville, a borough of Sherbrooke.

The figures (list of colleges) I am providing show that Quebec is home to both anglophones and francophones. I would hate to think that we cannot live together happily. Many Anglophones live in Montreal. They have their literature, songwriters, artists, and institutions. McGill University is a monument to the world of learning.

Doctors at the Montreal Neurological Institute work miracles. Imagine Quebec has the Montreal Neurological Institute, but Quebecers cannot find a doctor. That situation is infamy. So much of our tax dollars is spent on doctors, but medicine is deficient in Quebec.

Let’s get rid of the language laws.

Love to everyone 💕

La Vie d’autrefois

Marc-Aurèle Fortin

© Micheline Walker
3 November 2022