Queen Elizabeth
Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth


After a life of unremitting service to her people, our dear Queen has died. Elizabeth II was always there for us. Such devotion is legendary is so is her love for her husband and family. She and Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, will remain a model to the world. We were the privileged witness of an unwavering love story.

As a young woman, Elizabeth promised unflinching commitment to her subjects, but her love for Philip of Edinburgh was as constant as her love for her people. Theirs was the love story of a century. We are privileged to have been the subjects of a Queen whose stability comforted her people, despite a multitude of trials. Elizabeth’s reign was exemplary in so many ways.

Her death saddens us, but she will live in the memory of all who loved her.

Rest in peace, Elizabeth. You will never be forgotten.

Love to everyone 💕

Elizabeth II with her corgis

© Micheline Élisabeth Walker
9 September 2022