A. J. Casson
Group of Seven

Yesterday I discarded an article that posted itself without my consent. I am still rather sick. Most anti-Covid vaccines are safe, but my second anti-Covid vaccine triggered Acute Pericarditis. Recovery is prolonged. This is the 10th month.

The post I discarded is a continuation of Le Patriote. It was rather long, but it will be shorter. I will attempt to post it again later today.

This Summer, heat, dryness and floods have been frightening. Until now, my area of Quebec has not suffered, but I doubt that this will last. In Quebec, summers may be merciless, but we have been spared this Summer. O doubt that this cannot continue. The entire planet is suffering: extreme heat, floods, and dryness. It is frightening, but some politicians will not invest in remedial measures.

However, Quebec has its language laws, to which we return.

A. J. Casson, Group of Seven (W. A. Mozart – Violin Concerto No. 3 in G-Major, K 216, Mouvement I)
Farm House by A. J. Casson (Pinterest)

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23 August 2022