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Charles XII and Mazepa at Dnieper River after the Battle of Poltava by Gustaf Cederström (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Brief Disappearance

The list of works I had taken from Wikipedia’s entry on Ivan Mazepa disappeared briefly. Yesterday evening, I could no longer find it. I most certainly do not wish to spread hatred for the people of Russia. On the contrary. Vladimir Putin is hurting both his people and the people of Ukraine. The people of Ukraine fell at Poltava, and Putin’s forces are destroying Ukraine once again.

Let us hope the Ukraine crisis ends as soon as possible. Ukrainians are suffering, and the world fears a war. Negotiating with Vladimir Putin is difficult.

Vladimir Putin of Russia, and Emmanuel Macron, of France


My kindest regards to everyone💕

B. Smetana: Vltava (Moldau) – Valérie Milot, harp/harpe

© Micheline Walker
6 April 2022