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Autumn in Orillia by Franklin Carmichael, 1924 (WikiArt.org)

After posting October Gold (1922), I wondered why I did not speak about the Group of Seven. They left an unforgettable heritage. They were active during the 1920s and were based in Toronto. However, they painted Ontario’s north and west. They are also known as the Algonquin School. (See Group of Seven, Wikipedia.)

October Gold by Franklin Carmichael, 1922 (WikiArt.org)
Frederick VarleyA. Y. JacksonLawren HarrisBarker Fairley (not a member), Frank JohnstonArthur Lismer, and J. E. H. MacDonald. Image ca. 1920, F 1066, Archives of Ontario, I0010313.


Emily Carr

British Columbia artist Emily Carr, who lived in Victoria, has been associated with the Group of Seven. Still, she wasn’t sitting with other group members at a table in a Toronto restaurant. I remember sitting with colleagues at a table in a Toronto restaurant. That conversation, a unique conversation, will never end.

Emily Carr was also part of my life. My husband and I honeymooned on the west coast of Vancouver Island, where she worked. She lived in Victoria, which was home to me for ten years. I thought I would retire in Victoria, but it didn’t happen.

Tree Trunk by Emily Carr, 1932 (WikiArt.org)


Cornelius Krieghoff

Quebec’s most iconic artist is Dutch-born Cornelius Krieghoff (19 June 1815 – 5 March 1872). Krieghoff depicted Quebec’s people, “habitants” and several Amerindians (North American Indians), and the land. Members of the Group of Seven painted nature mostly.


Cornelius Krieghoffs painting of a wild crowd in front of a mid-19th Century bar in the early hours of the morning.
Breaking up of a countryball in Canada, early morning: a closer look, by Cornelius Krieghoff, 1857 (The Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario.)
The Woodcutter by Cornelius Krieghoff (Wikimedia Commons)


This post is a mere glimpse of Canada’s artistic heritage. The painters I featured in this post are classics. Krieghoff was born in Holland, but he is a “genre” artist who depicted everyday life in Quebec.


Love to everyone 💕

Group of Seven
The Jack Pine by Tom Thompson. 1916 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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5 November 2021