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Les Grands Hurleurs play an arrangement of “Le Coucou,” composed by Louis-Claude Daquin (1694-1772)[1]

This is a very short post. It features Nicolas Pellerin‘s Grands Hurleurs (howlers). We heard the Grands Hurleurs in Quebec Folklore: Celtic Roots. In Le Coucou, Nicolas uses podorythmie.

I started researching podorythmie. It may have Acadian origins, which surprises me. I lived in Nova Scotia for 22 years. The Scots and Acadians are very close.

I noticed that WordPress put Would that Robert Baldwin and Sir Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine… as a related article to Quebec Ensembles. Looking at the photograph of members of La Nef, I saw Canada as it could have been. The inhabitants of Louis Riel‘s Red River Colony were Scottish crofters, disbanded members of the Régiment de Meuron and De Watteville Régiment, French-speaking and English-speaking Métis, retired Voyageurs and their descendants, former explorers (Scottish and others).


[1] Louis-Claude Daquin was a “French composer of Jewish ancestry, writing in the Baroque and Galant styles. He was a virtuoso organist and harpsichordist.” (See Louis-Claude Daquin, Wikipedia.)

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Amanda Keesmaat, cello | Pierre-Alexandre Saint-Yves, voice, flutes, chalumeau | Patrick Graham, percussions| Seán Dagher, Musical Direction, voice, cittern | Alex Kehler, nickelharpa, violin
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Micheline Walker
1st February 2021