La Princesse de Clèves (Gallimard)

I finished part five of the Princess de Clèves yesterday afternoon. I was told to use the Classic Editor but was also told to use the Block Editor.

My post did not look as do my other posts. The height of letters was too short. It looked awful.

I decide to rebuild the post using my Word backup, but I lost a quotation. Monsieur de Nemours tells a prediction to Madame de Clèves. Something went wrong in Word. I went back to the novel, but could not find my quotation.

After several hours, I turned off the computer. The post is in the trash, including a new post I was building to replace the original post.

I think WordPress is telling me to write very short posts. Moreover, my computer is unstable and given the pandemic, it cannot be repaired.

We are in confinement and we must observe a curfew. Life ends at 8 pm or 20 hours.

I am truly sorry.

Love to everyone. 💕

Madame de La Fayette

© Micheline Walker
13 January 2021