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La Colonnade du Louvre (Tripadvisor), designed by Claude Perrault

The Comédie-Italienne and Molière’s troupe shared the théâtre du Petit-Bourbon until it was demolished to make room for La Colonnade du Louvre. They moved to the Théâtre du Palais-Royal.

I tried to indicate the scenes of L’Impromptu de Versailles in a manner other than copying from the PDF version. It was not possible. The toutmolière.net site divides Molière’s plays into acts and scenes, but one must copy the text from the PDF version. The PDF versions, French and English, are paginated.

Also, Scene v was included in yesterday’s L’Impromptu de Versailles.2. It was removed without my noticing. I reinserted its skeletal version before retiring last night. It is short, but it completes the narrative. From Scene vi to Scene x, Molière is asked to go on stage and perform. In Scene xi, the King relieves him and asks that a play the comedians know well be performed.

Help, help

How does one indent in the Block Editor and where are symbols and characters located? I have tried everything, but failed miserably.

We carry on.

Daniel Rabel‘s Depiction of the Grotesque

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9 December 2020