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La Chasse-galerie par Henri Julien, 1906 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been editing older posts and have noticed that some videos feature singers and fiddlers who let their feet dance. There are similarities between Celtic music and French Canadian folklore. Nicolas Pellerin dances: podorythmie.

French Canada also has fiddlers, as do many cultures, as well as legends. La Chasse-galerie is one such legend. Honoré Beaugrand wrote its finest telling. It is rooted in French legends. I will look for translations or retell the legends.

In the area of folklore, our best source could be the Voyageur Heritage Community Journal & Resource Guide (WordPress).

Les Rencontres Esca, Nicolas Pellerin & Les Grands Hurleurs
Nicolas Pellerin et Les Grands Hurleurs La Lurette en colère

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23 October 2020