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Pine Island, Georgian Bay by Tom Thomson (1914–1916) (Google Images)

I was writing a post that was erased. So I will be brief. I have started to edit my Canadiana pages: 1 and 2. To a significant extent, literature is written in a context. It may not be a clear product of its time nor a clear product of an author’s life, but it doesn’t stand in a void. For instance, there are elements such as intertextualité, archetypes, genres, modes, themes, and an author and his time.

The two pages listing posts on French Canada contain the title of literary works reflecting the history of French Canada. They require a little dusting. Much has happened since 2012, when many of these posts were written.

Let me locate my two pages.


This music, by Alexander Glazunov, was used in a series of television programmes. I remember loving Glazunov and the television programme.

The Seasons, Op 67: Autumn.

Portrait of Glazunov by Ilya Repin, 1887 (Google Images)

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18 October 2020