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Paul Robeson 1942 crop.jpg

Paul Leroy Robeson (wiki2.org)

I reread my post and made a change. If one returns to work untested and works in a contaminated environment, one’s life is a stake and contagion will continue exponentially.

To liberate…

The Washington Post has stories and pictures that tell the unacceptable. President Trump is smiling as he encourages States to end the lockdown using the word “liberate.”  “Liberate?” People may return to work because they have yet to receive money from Washington. What happened to the “stimulus” fund?


If a person has not received an income for two months, he or she may return to work at the cost of his or her life, which is scandalous. Before a person reënters the workplace, that person has to test negative and the workplace must be as safe an environment as possible.

There is enough money in the United States to keep people secure for a few more weeks. At the moment, returning to work is unsafe. Moreover, some people will have suffered emotionally and mentally. They require help.

Paul Robeson was a magnificent singer.


Love to everyone 💕

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Robeson in football uniform at Rutgers, c. 1919 (wiki2.org)

© Micheline Walker
18 April 2020