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Le cube Spartan a été développé par l'entreprise Spartan Bioscience,...

Paul Lem is the CEO/PDG and co-founder of Spartan Bioscience  (Canadian Press)





The difficulty facing doctors is the scarcity of testing devices and the time it takes to obtain results. However, a new test device has just been approved by Health Canada. It was developed by Spartan Bioscience of Ottawa, Canada.

The testing device is called the Spartan Cube, le cube Spartan, and it does not differ considerably from the test used until now. However, it is smaller, the size of a coffee mug, portable and results are ready in less than an hour: a half hour. It is its own lab, which explains is rapidity.

I wouldn’t dare state that the nightmare is about to end, but I see hope. Spartan Bioscience has a contract with the Government of Quebec, the most severely affected province of Canada, but all Canadian Provinces are buying large supplies of the Spartan Cube. The previous test worked, but it was slow. A diagnostic will now be reached more rapidly.

The Spartan Cube is a testing device. It cannot cure individuals whose life is threatened by Covid-19.


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13 April 2020