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For those of you who feel helpless, here are ways of protecting yourself:

  • washing your hands
  • self-isolating
  • self-distancing (two meters: six to seven feet)
  • keeping the kitchen counters disinfected
  • keeping the toilet lid down
  • no travelling

I hope the military, or related force, will be deployed to keep people at a distance when they shop for the necessities. They must wear protective gear. There have been nasty incidents that have led to stiff fines and may lead to imprisonment. If you do not have money, you should not be expected to pay, but be honest. Governments can deal with this problem. You will probably get money soon. It starts today in Canada.

The military or related force could make sure these measures are enforced immediately. The nice thing about the military or related force is that they can also be your go-to persons.

I wish you well.

My love to everyone💕

Stjefan HauserSchubert’s Ave Maria

Boucher - Bergere

Bergère par François Boucher

© Micheline Walker
6 April 2020