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The Declaration of Love by François de Troy (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

I have not posted for several days and must apologize.

Let me explain my silence. I am in the process of requesting from my University a salary for unremunareted assignments. This process is very stressful, but I had to take a mortgage to purchase my current apartment, which should not have happened. I am 75. Moreover, I cannot clear away from my mind the unfortunate events of 2002 and 2004.

Contrary to my request, the person purchasing my last apartement did not have an inspector visit the apartment. Nor was I told, despite hiring a notary, that a person joining the society owning the building could not sell his or her share, if the prospective buyer had to take a mortgage. I doubt that my notary had access to any information. The person acting on my behalf would not step down as proxy. Do not ask anyone to purchase an apartment or a house on your behalf and, if you are sick, do not make serious decisions.

My request for a salary may be granted, but it may not. I have heard from the Faculty Association. It’s rather late, but it was a terrible shock. The consequences of a refusal would be deleterious. Being remunerated will not return my career to me. I will never live in my blue house, and there will not be sabbatical during which I would write my book on Molière. But, if the mortgage disappeared, it would be a relief.

I don’t need a great deal of money, but paying the mortgage would allow me to make my last apartment a pleasant environment. It is smaller and therefore somewhat cluttered. I gave my collection of Canadiana (furniture), but I still have too many books. If I needed a little chest of drawers back, once books were removed, I doubt that it would be returned to me. Ageing can be very difficult.

I do not understand why I was eliminated from the faculty of my university, nor do I understand why I first contacted the administration for a remedy. I think it was shock.

L’Étourdi is the last play we are reading.

Love to everyone 💕

Philippe Jaroussky. “Ombra mai fu” ( Serse ) by G.- F. Händel.



© Micheline Walker
3 March 2020