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An Allegory of Time Unveiling Truth, Jean-François de Troy (Wikimedia Commons)

I received a note from a reader who asked whether he could use my posts in his research. The answer was the usual answer. No one can copy or quote posts without acknowledging their source. It is the author’s intellectual property.

However, I remain a specialist of Molière, by virtue of a PhD thesis on his theatre, peer-reviewed articles on his plays, and editing articles on Molière.

Please note that my posts are informed readings of Molière rather than scholarly articles. Scholarly articles are written in the context of previous books and articles. I no longer have access to the services of a research library and can only use materials I keep at home or material sent to me by fellow scholars. At a Toronto meeting of scholars on the Age of Theatre in France, Anne Ubersfeld said that she was “admirative de votre travail.”  She admired my short contribution. Would that I could have continued, but I faced obstructionism, extremely demanding workloads and, basically,  and I was fooled into accepting a retirement arrangement.

Let us say, that although I do not ask anyone to pay a fee for reading my posts, they remain my intellectual property which means that copying them without proper acknowledgement is plagiarism, which is fraud and punishable. My post are my intellectual property. One simply names one’s source.

I have not finished my analysis of L’Étourdi. It is a very rich play.  In a footnote to his translation of l’Étourdi, Henri van Laun wrote that Victor Hugo considered L’Étourdi a masterpiece. I felt too timid to express the same opinion. Once again, Henri van Laun came to my rescue: a footnote.

We will continue reading  L’Étourdi. I’m simply breathing a little and taking care of personal issues.

Best regards to all of view. 💕

You may notice little errors: repetitions, spelling, etc. It is illness.


Woman reading by François de Troy (Google)

© Micheline Walker
26 February 2020