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Woman Reading by François de Troy (Photo credit: wiki2.org)

I returned to Molière, but I could not concentrate until now. Yesterday was a very sad day.

The Social Media

In fact, current events are leading me to question the appropriateness and validity of statements made on Instagram, or Twitter, or other social media. Among elements militating against social media is timing. Persons are not forever sitting at their computer. In the case of an important statement, should the world know before the addressee.

I would be inclined to question the legality of statements made on Twitter or Instagram. It seems the truth, but the medium is the message.

I’m a blogger, but I seldom “like” or “dislike” something on the social media. Experience has taught me to be careful. For instance, every time I have been quoted by the press, I was quoted erroneously.

As for our Royals, reportedly, persons attending yesterday’s meeting were calm. To my knowledge, there was no firm approval nor was there a firm disapproval of changes in status. So, there is room for everyone to think. Prince Harry talked with his beloved grandmother before the meeting. Moreover William and Harry agreed, in writing, that there was no bullying. Let’s hope everything will remain civilised.

Love to everyone 💕

Marin Marais: Chaconne (Livre V)
Josh Cheatham (viola da gamba), Julien Léonard (viola da gamba), Skip Sempé (harpsichord) 


Declaration of Love par François de Troy (Photo credit: wiki2.org)

© Micheline Walker
14 January 2020