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Meghan Markle in St George's Chapel



At the end of an earlier post, I wrote that I would not discuss the Royals again.  I realised that there were very few reliable sources of information.

However, I am saddened by the latest and real news of Harry’s possible “abdication.”  I know that commentators, tabloids and social media have not been kind to Meghan, on the contrary, but abdication could be a mistake. It may be judicious on the part of the Royal family, as a whole, to seek greater privacy and fewer engagements. Such matters can be negotiated. Harry and Meghan have taken legal action, but they have acted as individual members of the Royal family. Moreover, it may be harmful for members of the Royal family to continue to “tell all” publicly. A “tell all” may be considered an invitation to the scrutiny they wish to avoid.  

The Consequences

It seems Meghan is homesick. She has friends in Canada and the United States. But are they true friends? Meghan is a duchess. But it is not impossible to have excellent friends in Britain. There are very good people in Britain. I miss my former community, little Antigonish, Nova Scotia. I left listening to the worst possible advice, and there have been sad consequences. But I have long forgiven everyone and I live comfortably in a lovely apartment.

Frogmore, etc.

I should add that, although Frogmore is called a cottage, it is a mansion compared to the homes most people live in. Some people do not have a roof over their head. It could be that Harry is extremely rich. If not, is it realistic, on his part and on Meghan’s, to believe they can earn the amount of money that affords them Frogmore Cottage, a staff, good food, designer clothes for Meghan, excellent cars, and expensive holidays on the West Coast of Vancouver Island or elsewhere, etc. 

My worst fear is that, on a dark day, former and beloved Prince Harry may think that he has made a mistake, and blame Meghan. Does she want to take that risk, and does he want to be fighting for custody of their son? Archie is a Royal.

The Paparazzi

The tabloids are the very devil and so are the paparazzi. I am told paparazzi were pursuing the limousine that crashed in 1997, taking three lives, including Harry’s mother. However, I am also told that the driver was speeding away and that some, perhaps all, passengers had not buckled up.

Therefore, my advice to Harry and Meghan would be to slow down and buckle up. Severing some ties with the Palace at this moment may prove necessary, but abdication is a drastic step that can wait.  

Archie did not return to Britain. He was left in Canada after the family’s vacations. Meghan is also in Canada.

Back to Molière…

Love to everyone 💕

I wrote this post yesterday and feared publishing it. But I’m not judging; I am simply advising caution.


Vadim Chaimovich plays
Henry Purcell:
Abdelazer Suite: II. Rondeau in D minor (piano version)

© Micheline Walker
10 January 2020