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Dom Garcie de Navarre (theatre-documentation.com)

A Long Absence

I am not writing a post today. During the month of November, I had no access to a computer and could not read your posts. I ordered a new computer, but after waiting for nearly a month, I cancelled my purchase. For the time being, I am using my older and restored computer. It was returned to the company and contains my complete files. A knowledgeable person will help me choose a new computer.

In short, I had no access to a computer during most of the month of November and did not read posts. I will now try to make up for this long absence.

A Last Quotation

I added, discretely, a quotation to my Dom Garcie posts. Quoting Molière in both French and English can be confusing. This quotation is confirmation on the part of Dom Garcie himself that, due to a “merciless fatality,” he is his own “worst enemy.” Given the innerness of his plight, he can no more combat his jealousy than Elvire can repress her love. If she was not in love, Donna Elvira would walk out on Dom Garcie.

In Act Four, Dom Garcie says to Dom Alvar that he, Dom Garcie, is his worst enemy:

Ah! Dom Alvar, je vois que vous avez raison,
Mais l’enfer dans mon cœur a soufflé son poison;
Et par un trait fatal d’une rigueur extrême,
1485 Mon plus grand ennemi se rencontre en moi-même.
Dom Garcie à Dom Alvar (IV.  ix)
[Ah! Don Alvarez, I perceive you were in the right; but hell breathed its poison into my soul; through a merciless fatality I am my worst enemy.]
Dom Garcie to Dom Alvar (IV. 9)

Dom Garcie de Navarre ou le Prince jaloux may have been a failure when it was first performed, but I consider it essential reading for moliéristes.

Love to everyone 💕

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8 December 2019