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Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex

As you know, my computer doesn’t work well. I’m still waiting for the new keyboard to arrive and must use an on-screen keyboard in the meantime.

However, I cannot resist offering further support to Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. More people are attacking Meghan, including her own half sister, she of the “faked pregnancy” accusation.


We do not live in “the best of all possible worlds.” (Gottfried Leibniz) On the contrary, our planet is endangered. People are bullied. Retirees cannot afford a living. Citizens of rich cities are sleeping outdoors on sidewalks. And everything is too expensive for most wallets.

But we have Meghan, a beautiful and accomplished woman who could use her new position to help those who are suffering. But jealous minds, yes, jealous minds, will not allow her to be what she is. She combines a superior mind, beauty, talent, charm, warmth, compassion, spontaneity and very good taste. But she is hounded by tabloids and various public figures who are licking their chops because they have a new Diana, which means considerable money. Except that this new Diana is African-American, divorced, a former actress, and she has an unkind sister. 

Meghan and Prince Harry met, fell in love, and decided to marry. How could anyone be certain that introducing one to the other would lead to love and marriage, but it did and Meghan acted as is expected of royals. She dressed in a elegant manner and went through a pregnancy the first year she was a royal.

When Christopher Reeve broke his neck and was paralyzed, I heard people say that it didn’t matter; he was rich. I believe I am hearing the same thing. Meghan lived comfortably as the star of Suits and was loved by her colleagues and by those who watched the television programme. She gave up a secure position, a lovely little house, a safe and loving environment, because she loved Prince Harry. 

As for the so-called rift, if a rift there is, between William and Harry, William knows very well that the power he will wield as future king is due entirely to an accident of birth. He was born before Harry, but the two are brothers. Harry is William’s closest relative. Does anyone think that Meghan will curtsy before Kate. Nonsense. They’ll kiss or hug! Meghan is Kate’s sister-in-law and their children are first cousins.

To my knowledge, charity is still a virtue. Moreover, there is nothing wrong with being  well-educated, accomplished, active, beautiful, rich, and a royal.

This post published itself. It’s a “dialog.” The post I published is shorter and not as revealing.

Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683 – 1764)
Les Boréades: Entrée de Polymnie.
Les Musiciens du Louvre
Marc Minkowski

© Micheline Walker
26 October 2019