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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and little Archie visiting Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Getty Images)


The Most Reverend Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Wikipedia)

Now I know why Meghan left everything to be Prince Harry’s wife. He is a very good husband who is defending her. I also know why he said: She’s the one. They match. Some marriages are made in heaven, as are some friendships.

I will never recover from the harm that was inflicted on me by university colleagues and administrators, and an insurance company’s case manager. They took my life away.

According to my doctor, my blogging community has kept me from leaving the planet. I told him that blogging had become difficult. His advice was that I blog a little less, but carry on because you provided pleasurable moments and helped keep me safe.

Meghan has already been harmed, and it could be a very long time before she recovers. But Harry and Meghan’s trip to Africa was revealing. Little Archie held out a hand to Archbishop Desmond Tutu thereby showing that he is a trusting and happy little boy. Meghan touched her baby bump throughout her pregnancy. I believe doing so sent a message to little Archie. He was loved from the moment he was conceived. As for the resemblance between father and son, it is astonishing. Archie is Harry’s son. Prince Harry is so proud of his wife. 

Harry’s mother did not die of natural causes, so Harry has to keep cheap tabloids at bay and give his family the privacy they require.

I do not know Meghan. She may be more ambitious than I am, but there are millions of persons who want a successful career. I did…


Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex


Erik Satie —Gnossiennes
Pianist: João Paulo Santos

© Micheline Walker
21 October 2019