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Lecture de Molière par Jean-François de Troy, vers 1728

Yesterday, I published a complete post, but an incomplete post surfaced.

It was late, so I had run out of energy, which is often the case. I now realize I could have turned the post into a private publication, but I was too tired to think about options.

I keep ‘back ups’ of my posts and used them this morning. The post should therefore be complete. I apologize to readers who could not see the entire post.

I would also like to thank Mr Bowie for looking at my post. He had become a dear cousin to Belaud, my blue cat. Belaud loved to hear about Mr Bowie. Blue cats are excellent companions and rather quiet. Belaud is a chartreux, a close relative to British Blues.

Mr Bowie is probably looking down admiringly at his human companion. Beloved cats never die fully; they just become invisible. We do not know when they visit, but they visit and we remember them forever.

I will not forget Mr Bowie.

Mille Regretz —Josquin des Prés
The Hilliard Ensemble

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© Micheline Walker
15 September 2019