Géronte et Scapin (Gallica)

This is a note I intend to erase.

While writing my post, I suddenly felt enormous, crippling, fatigue. There is nothing one can do. I transferred the post from Word to WordPress, but left out most of Act One, accidentally. The part I did not include was Reason, Destiny, Youth and a Father’s Love.

These words are keys to an understand of Molière’s Les Fourberies de Scapin, and to an understanding of Molière’s plays.

I copied my article, including Act One, and put it in a new post. I wanted to avoid old versions coming up.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is a difficult illness. I caught a virus in 1976, a long time ago, and never recovered fully. The same thing happened to Florence Nightingale, but the triggering factor may have been something other than a powerful virus. The virus damaged my brain because the rate of perfusion of blood to the brain slowed down. However, my intelligence has not been affected, so work was my best remedy and it has remained just that. Furthermore, myalgic should be removed because I am not in pain. I have migraines, but who doesn’t?

Allow me to rest a little and I will conclude reading Les Fourberies de Scapin.  In Act Three, Scapin puts Géronte in a bag, changes his voice several times to make Géronte think others are beating him. Géronte gets out of the bag. The good news is that Octave is no longer a prisoner of the Turks, which was a fourberie, and Zerbinette has been saved.

I’ll rest a little more and post the details.

Love to everyone 💕