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U. S. President Donald Trump (the grio.com)

Dear Donald,

We’ve had it, and I hope sincerely that you are not reëlected. Millions of Americans and millions of human beings on Planet Earth have to suffer paralyzing and deadly heat waves, while you dismiss “climate change” as “fake news.”

I would also like to speak to you about the fate of women in your country. Do not think for one minute that a woman should always be exposed to unwanted, not to mention yearly, pregnancies. Open planned-parenthood facilities, so women never have to undergo a life-threatening and unwanted abortion. The life of a woman is dear to her, dear to her husband/partner, and dear to her family. Let women be.

As well, tackle doctors. They deserve an excellent salary, but in no way do they need to be very wealthy. They may well be more compassionate than you thought. As well, tackle pharmaceutical companies. This discussion includes everyone. Everyone is part of the equation.

You are lucky to have a fine wife. She’s an immigrant! Will you deport her? In fact, will you deport yourself? Except for Amerindians, North-Americans are immigrants.

By the way, ordinary people do not need guns. If some Americans enjoy target practice, safe facilities are available.

I will not cover other issues, but I am asking you to

  • deal with the very real problem of climate change,
  • to open planned-parenthood clinics,
  • to make health care affordable, preferably free,
  • to stop deporting innocent immigrants,
  • to take guns away from ordinary citizens, and
  • to drive out poverty.

Dear Donald,

The current year is 2019. When will humanity be protected?

If you do not deal with the above-mentioned issues as quickly as possible, Americans, the World and the climate will deal with you.

I should say I rather liked you when you visited the United Kingdom. Melania looked gorgeous. As for the Queen, she is a professional.

Would that I could watch you a little more, but I’m trying to write a book on Molière and providing information to the excellent people who read my posts as a I write the book. I require funding, but I doubt that my university will provide it.

Donald, I had to get this off my chest.


Donald Trump holding a dove (Duck, duck, gray duck)


Photo credit: Google


© Micheline Walker
24 July 2019