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Long posts cause earlier drafts to surface. In fact, putting in images causes earlier drafts to surface. Therefore, as first published, my post was a draft …

I am getting older, but matters are not too severe. I make spelling errors and get confused looking for the English translation of the original French text. Wikisource publishes fine translations.


However, I did take my post away and wrote a conclusion I had hesitated to publish. The many spectacles point to a rather dark world vision on the part of Molière. Was/is society this powerless and humanity, so frail? Molière is a very complex author.

Ironically, Molière had started to die when he played the Imaginary Invalid, on 17 February 1673. That was reality.

It could be that an editor removed a few lines or a paragraph or two from the draft. It  was very long. Although a paragraph or quotation may have been removed, the post is complete, and its conclusion, entirely mine.

I thank you for your kindness and apologize for not having read as many of your posts as I normally do during the last few days. Weeks have started to go by so quickly. 

My kindest regards to all of you.


Lully — Te Deum


Décor pour Le Malade imaginaire by Pier Luigi Pizzi (commons.wikimedia.org)

© Micheline Walker
5 April 2019