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I wanted to copy a post, but something went wrong. My computer or platform could not copy the post. I did not attempt to revive the computer.

However, I found a winter scene painted by Aleksey Savrasov. Aleksey Savrasov was Isaac Levitan‘ teacher. Savrasov created the lyrical landscape and Levitan, the mood landscape. The terms are interchangeable.

Both joined the Peredvizhniki group, but Levitan did so later than Savrasov.

The group was superseded by Mir iskusstvaa movement, but later a magazine, whose chief editor was Sergei Diagnilev, of the future Ballets Russes.

The post I wanted to publish a second time was Salve Regina: the Season’s Antiphon, published on 3 August 2017.


I lost my voice on 11 December. I phoned my doctor, whispering. He asked that I visit him at the clinic. When I phoned, whispering, he diagnosed sinusitis. He was busy. The pharmacy sent a nose cleaning kit. It was and remains bronchitis. The pharmacy will send medication this afternoon.

The video is a short piece, but very moving. I am very fond of liturgical music.

My best wishes to all of you.  May this be your finest Christmas or holidays ever.


“Our Father” from “Sacred Treasures III:”
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Performed by St. Petersburg Chamber Choir
Directed by Nikolai Korniev
Recorded in St. Catherine’s Lutheran Church, St. Petersburg, Russia

The Rooks have come back by Savrasov, 1871 (Wikiart.org.)

© Micheline Walker
25 December 2018