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Spring Bouquet by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1866 Fogg Museum (Harvard Art Museums), Cambridge, MA, US

Jean-Marc, the somewhat timid groom below, was Jean-Pierre’s best friend. He flew to Quebec for Jean-Pierre’s funeral.

Jean-Marc married my sister Thérèse. They had lovely girls: Danielle, Anne and Dominique. We lost Dominique, but Danielle and Anne are fine. As for Thérèse, she died of septic shock ten years ago. She and Jean-Marc lived in British Columbia.

Ten years later

Last summer, Jean-Marc remarried. His bride is the widow of a friend he lost to a plane crash. Jean-Marc also had a plane, but did not use it after his friend’s fatal crash. He therefore met his new bride when they were much younger. Destiny brought then together again. Her name is Marguerite.

Jean-Marc was an excellent husband to my sister and he will be an excellent husband to his second wife. He sold the house where he and Thérèse had lived and moved to his bride’s townhouse. It’s a brand new life.


I met Jean-Marc before Jean-Pierre brought him to our house. I went to a figure-skating show. Jean-Marc was the fellow who came from one end of the skating rink, gained speed, and jumped over several barrels, landing gently.

If my memory serves me well, barrels were added twice. He would therefore skate back to his starting position, entertaining the crowd, and jump over the barrels again, landing gently.

He and my sister were turtledoves and I think it’s happening again. Often, the second marriage is better than the first. Jean-Marc needed a companion. In my opinion, he’s found an angel.

I wish them both every happiness.

Love to everyone 💕

Edvard Grieg Wedding Day at Troldhaugen, Op. 65
Aaron Dyer

© Micheline Walker
26 October 2018