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Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci, 1489–90, National Museum, Kraków, Poland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been working on the French Revolution, but slowly. I have a brother who was diagnosed with cancer, a few months ago and underwent treatment, a horrible experience. He collapsed about ten days ago and he has since been in intensive care. The cancer has metastasized.

He is twice my size and very strong, so none of this seems possible. The poor fellow.

My first memory of him is the two of us playing in the train that took us down to Athol, Massachusetts. My father had not seen his father in twenty years, so we went to meet him. After this initial visit, we were travelling back and forth between Quebec and the farm in Massachusetts.

My grandfather was different. He had seven cats, two of whom were blind, but Freddy the Great, the largest cat, took care of the whole group. Nanny, his wife I believe, and my mother just loved one another. They went shopping together.

It was a strange situation. My grandfather bought the farm from Nanny, but he asked where she would live. She didn’t know. So he invited her to stay in her house and keep her furniture and belongings. He was alone and he didn’t have anything, but he was a gardener, hence the farm.

My brother loved his grandfather. We will talk about him often.

I love Leonardo’s Lady with an Ermine.

I wish you a happy Sunday and I am returning to my post.

Love to everyone

File:Leonardo da vinci, Head of a woman 01.jpg

Head of a Woman Leonardo da Vinci (Wikimedia Commons)

© Micheline Walker
26 August 2018