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Saint-Benoît-du-Lac (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I live near this splendid Benedictine Abbey, in Quebec. During the fall, the colours are extraordinary.

Please accept my apologies for not posting frequently. I have moved to a new apartment, but my floors are covered with boxes containing books. This situation will end soon. I have hired an ébéniste who will build bookcases on each side of a fireplace and above my desk. He will also provide more adequate storage. I have difficulty working in the middle of this “mess.”

Moving turned out to be more exhausting than I anticipated.

I am currently finishing a post on immigration in the United States. Originally, only free white persons could be given citizenship. Yet, the United States became the world’s foremost refuge, which may not last if deportations continue and DACA is rescinded.

I thank you for your understanding.

Love to everyone 




© Micheline Walker
19 October 2017