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Woman with a Spray of Flowers, Safavid Iran, 1575 CE (Photo credit: mesosyn.com)

How can one publish a post dated 22 June on 24 June?  Well, it’s possible.

My post on Arabization and Islamization is dated 22 June 2017 because it was first published privately on 22 June 2017. I didn’t know whether or not I should publish it. There are individuals who wish to know whether or not Iranians are Arabs, but many of us were witnesses to the 1979 Iranian Revolution and the departure of the Shah of Iran. There were tragic moments.

Most Iranians, 90 to 95%, are Shia Muslims and Iran is not a member of the Arab World.


Ruhollah Khomeini returning to Iran from exile, on 1 February 1979 (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

For information on Europe and the Middle East, you will find answers at Eyes on Europe  & the Middle East. There are frequent changes to the current conflicts in the Middle East. Keeping up with events and alliances is too difficult.

Although I read extensively before writing my last post, I did not include Casualties of the Syrian Civil War nor Foreign Fighters in the Syrian and Iraqi War. I mentioned but did not discuss ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. They torture, enslave and kill.

I should point out that Bashar al-Assad, the President of Syria, is an Alawite Muslim (Shia Islam). Most Syrians however are Sunni Muslims and Syria has /had many minorities. Sadly, many Syrians have been killed or have walked out of their country. Moreover, Syria’s cultural heritage is being destroyed. (See Destruction of Cultural Heritage by ISIL, Wikipedia.)


I am profoundly disturbed by the atrocities committed by ISIL and by Human Rights violations in the Middle East and in North Korea. In particular, it worries me to know that US President Donald Trump travelled to Saudi Arabia and signed a US$110 bln arms deal.

The President knows, or should know, that there is enmity between Saudi Arabia and Iran. I am glad however that Europe is still a United Europe.

It’s a very short post. I have commitments at the moment. Things will slow down.

Love to everyone 

Danza Sufi


Arms Dealer, Osman Hamdi Bey (1908)

© Micheline Walker
27 June 2017