Bryan Hemming

Caricature – Bryan Hemming

Talking about the corporate media – like I so often do –  does anybody in England actually read the papers, or even watch the news on the telly, anymore? If they do, they don’t talk about it much.

Those who bothered to read my last post will know I was in England earlier this year. Sitting down to dinner was like being in one of those old black and white war films set during the German occupation of France. You know, the ones where everybody keeps shtum in case somebody grasses them up to the Gestapo. One thing I learned, while stuffing my face with roast and two veg, was not to mention war of any sort. There, I just mentioned it again. Actually, there were a lot of things not to mention, particularly at meal times. Things like Brexit, Syria and Donald Trump. If anyone slipped one…

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