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John James Audubon (Photo credit: wikiart.org)

I have neglected my blog this week. Illness.

Two days ago, London was attacked. Britain’s Magna Carta and its Parliament are symbols of democracy.

At times, such events can be expected. Why did the attacker convert to Islam? Why did he become radicalized? We will never know, but he may have felt rejected. How else does one feel when US President Donald Trump bans Muslims from entering the United States?  The attacker committed a horrible crime, but why?

Canada’s anti-Islamophobia motion

Yesterday, the Canadian government passed an anti-Islamophobia motion. The vote was not unanimous. The problem may be with the term. But Muslims are being denied access to the United States which may explain the choice of the term Islamophobia. Many Canadians are afraid, but I believe our new Canadians: Muslims, Syrians, Iraqis, Armenians, Afghans, Syriacs and Yazidis, will be fine citizens, which will reassure everyone. A few members of Parliament voted against the motion, but it was passed. Migrants and survivors of a genocide who might perish, such as the Yazidis, should be given a home.


Current Activity

I am creating a page listing my posts on Beast literature. I retrieved most of the posts on this subject. If one has no list, one is lost. New posts will be written, but I would prefer not to be too repetitive.


I would like to express my condolences to the family and friends of the dead and wounded.

Love to everyone

Alfred Deller – Ode for the Birthday of Queen Ann – Handel

John James Audubon (Wikiart)

© Micheline Walker
24 March 2017