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On the first day…

It has begun! President Trump was sworn into office and on that very day, 20 January 2017, in the early evening, he required his administration to find conditions that would not be covered under a health plan. I presume President Trump was referring to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, passed on 23 March 2010. It could be that Mr Trump has asked his administration to design a new Health Care Plan, but I doubt it.

Presidents of the United States are not as powerful within their country as Canadian Prime Ministers, except the new President who is a dictator and sick. No, President Trump cannot abolish the so-called “Obamacare” in its entirety. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a federal statute. Usually, amendments to a law are governed by societal needs. Laws are not amended impetuously. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has helped millions of Americans who could not otherwise afford medical treatment.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act is an injustice. It allowed millions of Americans to receive the medical care they required, but could not afford given extremely high insurance premiums. President Trump is playing with fire.

And now, Canada is complicit in Mr Trump’s assault on the environment.


The Keystone Pipeline & Canada

President Trump has reopened the Keystone Pipeline, a decision that involves Canada. It “became a symbol of the battle over climate change and fossil fuels, and in 2015 was rejected by then President Barack Obama.” (See Keystone Pipeline, Wikipedia.)

The Keystone Pipeline begins in Alberta, Canada, and could not be reopened without the consent of the Canadian government which, surprisingly, complied with President Trump’s request. The Keystone Pipeline is a danger to the environment but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has agreed to revive the project. In a Calgary town hall, he was harshly criticized. Reopening the Keystone project will enable President Trump to create jobs quickly and Canada will also benefit financially, but at a cost to the environment and to Amerindians. They are the First Nations.


A few weeks ago, Prime Minister Trudeau agreed to suspend drilling, an imminent danger to the Arctic in particular. What happened? Was Prime Minister Trudeau intimidated?

Trudeau’s French answer to a question asked in English may be considered understandable, but he must respect the rights of English-speaking Canadians. Quebec is unilingual, but Canada is a bilingual country. It is a problematical situation. Yet, all Canadians are protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Israel feels emboldened and will build in the conquered territories. President Trump is also about to move the American embassy from Tel-Avid to Jerusalem. Mr Netanyahu has President Trump’s full support. That could result in nothing less than a world war. Mr Trump should remain out of the Middle East. What about the two-state solution?


Mr Trump is building his wall separating the United States and Mexico. “No human being is illegal.” I am quoting a student. He is also expected to deport millions and to prevent Muslims from entering the United States. The process has begun.

Donald Trump is a dictator.


Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is a place where some “are getting ready for the crackup of civilization,” writes  of the New Yorker.


If Silicon Valley is afraid, I’m afraid.

It was “no” to Mr Trump, and I am now asking Justin Trudeau not to change Canadian policies because of pressure from the United States. We cannot amend our decision to protect the planet.

If Mr Trump phones our Prime Minister, Mr Trudeau can say that he cannot give answers until he has spoken with Canadians. It’s an old trick.

I will close here because my computer “crashed.” I repaired the old one and I am using it, but it is dying. The new one should arrive today or tomorrow.


Love to everyone 


Canadian songstress Buffy Sainte-Marie


Buffy Saint-Marie sings Where We Belong


© Micheline Walker
26 January 2017