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My WordPress colleague B. Ashley is asking:

  • “Do you want a person who is questionably devoid of conscience and empathy with a self-serving orientation and thirst to dominate others, to control war and peace matters? ” and
  • “Do you want someone with a penchant for outrageous, disrespectful and pathologically untruthful statements to represent the United States?”

My answer to both questions is: NO!



“If the Jack Mitnick episode revealed anything about Donald Trump, it was the direction of his narcissism, that he could take credit for an employee’s expertise as if it were a condition of his own character.”

(8 October 2016)


What also perturbs me is that the FBI (the Federal Bureau of Investigation) did not comply with Mrs Clinton requests for full disclosure.

Why would the FBI not supply the information Mrs Clinton wants everyone to know? The answer that leaps to one’s mind is that the FBI does not have the information Mrs Clinton wants it to release in time for Americans to vote knowledgeably. By not complying with her request, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is not lifting the cloud of suspicion weighing down on Mrs Clinton which is how it is sabotaging the American election.

Casting suspicion will not do if proof is not provided. The people need evidence. One is innocent until proven guilty.

A New Cache: the Timing

Examine the timing. The new cache was found days before the elections, which is much too convenient, so convenient that it is difficult to tell whether or not a new cache has been found. Americans need evidence. The FBI must prove that the cache of emails exists and, if it exists, disclose the content of all emails.

The FBI under a Cloud of Suspicion

If it does not disclose the content of all emails, the FBI is placing itself under a cloud of suspicion. It has to disclose the content of these emails as the American electorate does not otherwise have the slightest reason to believe they exist. The American electorate may in fact conclude that they have been manipulated, like puppets.

An Investigation of the FBI

If the FBI does not have the emails it claims to have, there will have to be an investigation into the FBI as one or more of its employee(s) will have acted irresponsibly and unconscionably. It is highly unconscionable to manipulate the electorate just before an election.

Who and How

Just who put the FBI up to such shenanigans? And how?

A Democracy

There is not such thing as a perfect form of government. A Democracy is the best we poor humans have found. We can vote. This is what made America great. So please vote.

Every adult can vote: black, white, Asian, male, female, rich, poor, middle-class, working-class…

This man, featured below, cannot lead a nation. He has yet to present a platform. He prefers accusations…


Mr Trump

Mr Trump is now behaving as though he had won the election. Grandiosity! The election is scheduled for 8 November 2016. Only then will we know who has been elected President of the United States. We will not know a second before.

However, I have just learned that the new investigation will not be over before 8 November 2016.


I’m hoping for a miracle. Mrs Clinton has devoted most of her life to the well-being of her nation. She is like a veteran. She has served her country dutifully. Does anyone need more evidence?

Love to everyone 

Franz Schubert
Ave Maria


Independence Day by Andrew Wyeth

© Micheline Walker
2 November 2016