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Donald Trump is winning only 72 percent of Republicans, compared to Hillary Clinton, who captures 85 percent of Democrats, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. | AP Photo

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The Presidential Election, 2016

  • unsuspected disclosures
  • disrespect for women

I wanted to write a post about the forthcoming United States presidential elections, but somehow, I was too tired. Moreover, I thought it would be a repetition of an earlier post. (See RELATED ARTICLES.) To a certain extent, it is. I still believe that Mr Trump is not qualified to occupy the position he is seeking. However, there have been unexpected disclosures that tend to confirm my reservations. I knew that Mr Trump was not qualified to be elected President of the United States, but I would not have suspected he would grab a woman’s genitalia and force her to kiss him. That is sexual assault and, therefore, a prelude to rape. But let us look at other issues first.

Immigrants: Mexicans and Muslims

It has worried me that Mr Trump seldom addresses issues. His statements are peremptory and he lacks compassion. Where immigration is concerned, he plans to resort to drastic and offensive measures. To prevent Mexicans from moving to the United States, he intends to build a wall between Mexico and the United States. As for Muslims, in Mr Trump’s opinion, all are terrorists or potential terrorists, so, if elected, he will deny them a home in the United States. A blanket rejection of Muslims constitutes an offense to citizens of the Middle East and to citizens of Muslim origin. All Muslims are fellow human beings, and so are the Mexicans who seek refuge in the United States. They do so for compelling reasons. Therefore, that matter should be addressed in a serious and caring manner. Illegal immigrants should not be punished and sent to nowhere.

Women and Mr Trump



Melania Trump (Chip Somadevilla, Getty Images)

Poor Melania and poor all of us, women. Mr Trump was threatening to throw in jail those who had undergone an abortion. When I first mentioned this issue, I noted that Mr Trump did not view women as responsible citizens. Now that he has stated that he grabbed women by their genitalia and forced them to kiss him, I must conclude that he does not know sexual exchanges have to be consensual. One does not assault women. Most women or couples regulate the number of children they will raise without ever resorting to an abortion. Pregnancies are terminated when there are risks to a woman’s health and to the fetus.


Michelle Obama (Google images)

Michelle Obama is indignant and the women of the United States stand by her. They will not be assaulted. You may wish to watch the following video:


Disrespect for human life

He may have been joking, but Mr Trump has stated that he would not object to the use of torture to pry the truth out of a prisoner. Under the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, torture is condemned. Does Mr Trump think torturing will yield the truth? That may not be the case. Under torture one will say anything to end the pain and humiliation, particularly if he or she does not have anything to reveal. One may survive torture, but one does not recover. It’s dreadful.

Given the above, one therefore fears for Americans. If Mr Trump is uncaring, he cannot ensure the safety of Americans and provide all with an income. One has reasons to fear for the sick, the poor, the elderly, the unemployed, the disabled, traumatized veterans, the homeless, and little children. In particular, one fears for minorities, such as homosexuals and lesbians. If elected, Mr Trump will probably revoke the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Modern societies have to make health care and medication affordable. Why not contain spiralling costs?

Presidents: there is a protocol

  • manners
  • sexual assault
  • laws

Mr Trump has now revealed convincingly that he is not a gentleman. He dresses properly and he is clean, but he pouts and grimaces, he is rude and has little dignity and finesse. He has lied and now we are learning that he believes he is at liberty to treat women as if they were mere flesh. In short, one can’t take him anywhere and if one cannot take him anywhere, one does not take him to the White House.

For the last eight years, the United States has had a truly remarkable president: well-educated, polite, respectful, caring, a good father and a good husband. Voters cannot foist Mr Trump on the American people and on the world. Mr Trump cannot be the President of the United States. He is unfamiliar with the dossiers and his lack of manners and view of women and other human beings damn him. There is a protocol to be observed by a president of the United States, and there are laws protecting private life.

Commander-in-chief: flawed judgement

The crisis in the Middle East is of immense importance. As President, Mr Trump would be commander-in-chief. I would prefer the United States ended the strikes. But if it does not, can we trust Mr Trump? He rushes to judgement. Remember Orlando. Omar Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIL at the last minute, but he did not act on behalf of terrorist organization. One does not accuse anyone before one has evidence to substantiate one’s accusations. When Mr Trump accused Mr Mateen, the massacre at Orlando had not been investigated. Mr Trump’s statement was therefore prejudicial.

Mr Trump’s judgement seems flawed. Consequently, he may worsen the conflict in the Middle East. As mentioned above, he has been insulting Muslims by stating he would not allow any of them to enter the United States and Mr Mateen’s mere name was used as evidence that he was a terrorist. Ethnicity and faith do not constitute evidence of guilt. One may deplore a massacre, but one cannot assume an entire population is a terrorist organization.

We all know that, as commander-in-chief, the President of the United States can press buttons, including the wrong button(s). Voters must be careful.


Do I consider Donald Trump the very devil? No, I don’t. However, it would be my opinion that he cannot be elected to the presidency of the United States. Not if all Muslims are terrorists. Not if all Mexicans are undesirable immigrants, not if the American people are irrelevant and not if he views women as scatterbrained and mere sexual objects.

It was my opinion that Mr Trump was un grossier personnage, i.e. elegant, but uncouth to the core. Well, he has not given me reason to change my opinion.

I apologize for the long delay in posting. I am not well.

Love to everyone. ♥


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