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Marie Laurencin, 1904 (Google Images)

Yesterday morning, I received an email in which I was told I would be killed. My killer claimed he was from al-Qaeda.

In theory, I was murdered last night because I did not respond. The killer wanted money. I was to supply him with part of the money after which he would tell me who hated me so much that I should pay with my life. He would also provide me with tapes of conversations with the person who hates me. I would then give him the rest of the money he requested and my life would be spared. Failure to comply meant instant death and harm to my family.

I did not respond, i.e. comply, because I am certain my would-be killer wanted money and that he used the crisis in the Middle East to scare me. I don’t have enemies, so who would want me dead?

I am told that my telephone is bugged, that I am being watched, and that his “boys” are at my doorsteps.

Needless to say, I was instructed not to talk to anyone or phone the police. I waited until today, but did phone the police so that they would know about this latest scam. One does not reply to such emails nor does one send money. It’s extortion.

A police officer came by so he could see the email and collect information.


We must make absolutely sure migrants are not humiliated and that they are given homes and comfortable temporary shelters. Yes, it’s expensive, but so is war. In fact, war is more expensive and children are killed. The carnage has to end now!  I am not giving up on Bashar al-Assad. If he wishes to remain President of Syria, his best option is to be a father to his people.


Love to everyone. 


© Micheline Walker
1 August 2016