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Marie Laurencin (Photo credit: Google Images)

I am having connection problems with WordPress. The difficulty seems to be a poor connection to Google. That problem will be resolved, but, for the time being, I get logged out and cannot put likes to the posts I read.

As you know, I am also writing a book on Molière which is a relatively easy but time-consuming and expensive endeavour. The books, if they are available, often cost a fortune. Moreover, given health limitations, I should hire an assistant, a person who would borrow books for me and return them to the university. He or she would work no more than three or four hours every second week. I also need photocopies of certain articles.

An any rate, I’m still here, but technologies are playing tricks on me. It will be resolved.

I am reposting: Marie: the Words to a Love Song (Guillaume Apollinaire/ Léo Ferré)


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Jacques Offenbach « Barcarola »


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13 July 2016