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Lysandre, a jeune premier (a leading man) in Molière’s theatre. His name recurs as do other names, such as Clitandre, Valère.

Molière used the stock characters of the commedia dell’arte, but when he was touring the provinces, he sometimes posted a sketch, le canevas, and characters wrote their role. In other words, Molière did not write comedies before he returned to Paris. But he had to publish his Précieuses ridicules so no one else could claim the comedy, a farce, was his or hers.

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Molière by Charles Antoine Coypel (Photo credit: FR Wikipedia)


Concerto for cello, strings and basso continuo in G minor (1. Allegro moderato)

Performed by the Freiburger Barockorchester
Featuring Jean-Guihen Queyras, cello
Conducted by Petra Mullejans


Scapin by Edmond Geffroy

© Micheline Walker
20 May 2016