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Once again, I would like to thank bonjourberlin.com for honouring me.

Bonjour Berlin has fallen in love with Berlin.

The same thing happened to a friend of mine, a university teacher and actor. He therefore lived in both Berlin and Westmount. Canadian pianist Louis Lortie has also settled in Berlin.


It is my duty and honour to nominate fifteen bloggers. I haven’t seen rules other than

  • acknowledging being nominated and
  • presenting a list of 15 persons, which I did in random order.
  1. Doru
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  3. Mr. Militant Negro
  4. FirstNightDesign
  5. Hands on Bowie
  6. aquileana (La Audacia de Aquiles)
  7. silkannthreades (Gallivanta)
  8. derrickjknight
  9. musteredseedbudget
  10. Xena
  11. unclerave
  12. colltales
  13. the crazybaglady@bulanlifestyle.com
  14. AshiAkira’s Blog
  15. danaiana.com

The only rule to the Blogger Recognition award is to nominate colleages. However, if doing so is problematical, please accept this nomination for what it is, a Blogger Recognition Award. You need not acknowledge this nomination except by telling you received it.

Franz Schubert: Piano Sonata No.13 in A Major, D.664 (Allegro Moderato)
Uchida Mitsuko
Camille, Corot: Souvenir de Mortefontaine, 1864


Souvenir de Mortefontaine, 1864 (Musée du Louvre)

© Micheline Walker
6 March 2016