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The Respect Award

I wish to thank Xena for nominating me for a Respect award. One wonders if one deserves such an honour. However, I have been doing my best, which is perhaps all that one can do.

My posts are, at times, too long and I repeat myself or say something that may seem irrelevant.

I am therefore very grateful for this nomination and wish to congratulate other nominees.

Usually nominations come with rules. If there are rules, I will respect these rules.

Again, I thank you most sincerely.

Beethoven – Serenade for Flute, Violin and Viola, Op. 25
II – Tempo ordinario d’un menuetto, Trio I & Trio II
The chamber ensemble of Symphonie Fantastique playing Beethoven’s Serenade for Flute, Violin and Viola in the church of the Teutonic Order, Vienna.


© michelinewalker
22 February 2016