Loved ones reconnect in Toronto on Friday morning after 163 Syrian refugees arrived in Toronto late Thursday night. Among the newcomers are a music teacher, a pharmacist, a taxi driver, a trained violinist and a little girl excited for English classes

A second group of Syrian refugees arrived in Toronto on late Thursday night. They were sponsored by Canada’s Armenian community.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was at the airport greeting everyone. It was extremely touching.

All very given their Social Insurance Number card as well as their Health Insurance Card.  It would have been impossible for them to get these cards had there been doubts about their integrity.

They were also provided with parkas and other winter clothing as well as diapers for babies, toothpaste, toothbrushes and other necessities. How could they buy these?  All had rooms and homes to go to. Their arrival is therefore thoroughly organized.

The Canada Council (funding for the arts) made a large donation so newcomers could attend concerts and other cultural events in the spring. This will ease their integration into a new community.

They have lost their home and have lived in a divided country for several years, so fate has not been kind to them. They need support.

Another chartered plane is arriving in Montreal today.

As I expected their is talent among the Syrian refugees.

There are, of course, unhappy Canadians, but fewer than a month ago, when Paris was attacked.

What we must remember is that this is a humanitarian crisis nearing the proportion of the Holocaust. We must be good to our fellow humans.


Post by Nicole Dahlstrom


© Micheline Walker
13 December 2015