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Cat by Paul Bransom

Cat by Paul Bransom (Photo credit: Pinterest)

This post provides information on my “pages,” but Syria is on my mind. I do not have enough information to write a post about the latest events in Syria. These are unfolding events. I must wait.


There are pages at the top of my site. They are lists of posts on a specific subject. I will be adding new posts to those lists, but my pages are now usable.

For example, one page is a list of posts on La Fontaine’s fables. If one of La Fontaine’s fables is also an Aesopic fable, the Aesopic fable is told and numbered according to the Perry Index. Several fabulists have written Aesopic fables and several artists have illustrated these fables. If you require information concerning other fabulists and the text of their fables, I would suggest you use Laura Gibbs’ site. Professor Gibbs also lists illustrators. (See Sources and Resources, below.)

I have written posts on the Medieval Bestiary and posts on Beast Literature (theory, genres, etc.). These are not listed, but they will be.

France has a website devoted to Jean de La Fontaine. It is bilingual site (French and English). If you click on the French flag, you will access all of La Fontaine’s fables in French. Conversely, by clicking on the British flag, you will access an English rendition of the fables. The sidebar is a menu leading not only to a translation of the fables, but also to related topics.


I did not realize readers could comment on “pages.” Pages are like posts. One can like a page and one can comment. My sincere apologies to persons who left unrecognized comments.

The Middle East

  • Russia
  • migrants drowning

There are no boots on the ground, but it seems Russian President Vladimir Putin has ‘entered’ Syria. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid a visit to President Putin about ten days ago asking for reassurance. However, given that relations between Russia and the United States have been strained for some time, President Putin could be goading the United States.

For instance, Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked the United States to leave Syria immediately. This is too high-handed a request. Moreover, it appears Russia is not targeting Isil. Here is a link to the Telegraph, UK.


More Syrian migrants have drowned: 17. They were the “humble.” http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/syrian-refugees-turkey-1.3245691

Sources and Resources

Cat and Mice by Paul Bransom
(Photo credit: Bedford Fine Art Gallery http://www.bedfordfineartgallery.com/4069.html)

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1 October 2015