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Guernica by Picasso (Photo credit: abcgallery.com)

Guernica by Picasso (Photo credit: abcgallery.com)

“Did you do this?” asked a Nazi officer. Picasso replied: “No, you did.”


I’ve just come away from reading Ina Vukic’s latest posts.


Some people claim Auschwitz never happened. It did, and so did the Srebrenica massacre. The cameras were there. 

No one would defend Hitler at Auschwitz, so what was Aleksandar Vucic doing at Srebrenica this past Saturday? The massacre took place a mere twenty (20) years ago, in July 1995.

People forgive and live a “normal” life, but they remember.

I remember Srebenica…


Choir of Clare College Cambridge singing Henry Purcell‘s “Hear my prayer”

Peace, Picasso
A Dove, Picasso

© Micheline Walker
16 July 2015