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Thank you Aquileana




It is a privilege to me nominated for an award by a knowledgeable and very generous person. Aquileana’s contribution to the internet is Greek mythology, the story of a civilization accompanied by images, visual representations that portray the human experience.

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Micheline's Blog

Micheline’s Blog


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My nominees are:

http://brightshinyobjects.net/ Todd Lohenry
http://theobamacrat.com/ Mr. Militant Negro
http://kstreet607.com/about-kstreet607/ The Fifth Column
https://blackbutterfly7.wordpress.com/author/blackbutterfly768/ Xena
http://messymandella.com/ Messy Mandella
https://atdoru.wordpress.com/ Vultureşti
https://hopedog.wordpress.com/ Hands on Bowie
https://thelittleclaycart.wordpress.com/author/astroshiva/ Shiva Acharya
https://rantzz.wordpress.com/tag/oneanna65/ Oneanna.65
http://danaiana.com/about/ De-ale copilariᾰi

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If you haven’t the time to follow the rules or have an award-free weblog, please accept this nomination for the fine work each one of you is doing.


Samuel Barber‘s Adagio for Strings

Vase de fleurs, Marie Laurencin, 1950
Vase de fleurs, Marie Laurencin, 1950

© Micheline Walker
9 July 2015