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Ancestral Pride Maxine Noel

Ancestral Pride by Maxine Noel (bearclawgallery.com) 

My next post is on the Red River Settlement. It involves Métis, the two fur-trading companies operating in Canada in 1811, the Seven Oaks incident, and the death of a governor of Manitoba.

I could not finish it yesterday because of preoccupations.

In an earlier post, I indicated I was moving to Montreal. This will not happen. So I am trying to purchase a small apartment in a building that has an elevator and adequate soundproofing. I miss not playing my piano or a harpsichord, but as you know, I was worked away from my position as a university teacher and there are consequences.

I will have to be very creative.

At any rate, settlers came, beginning with crofters who had lost their land in Scotland and were brought to Canada by Thomas Douglas, the 5th Earl of Selkirk. I will now return to my post, but thought I should first send greetings.

With my kindest regards.

© Micheline Walker
26 May 2015


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